UTC 5 businesses that involve just talk in Moldova and Chisinau
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5 businesses that involve just talk in Moldova and Chisinau 5 businesses that involve just talk in Moldova and Chisinau

5 businesses that involve just talk in Moldova and Chisinau

by deceneu on Sun 12/17/2023 06:59 PM

Life Coaching:
Providing guidance and motivation through conversations to help individuals achieve personal and professional goals.

Consulting Services:
Offering expertise and advice in various fields such as business, finance, or marketing through consultations.

Therapy Services:
Providing mental health support and counseling services to individuals through verbal communication.

Public Speaking:
Engaging audiences through motivational or informative speeches, often as a keynote speaker or seminar leader.

Language Tutoring:
Teaching and improving language skills through conversation-based learning, either in person or online.

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by deceneu on Sun 12/17/2023 07:00 PM

Podcasting Services:
Creating and hosting podcasts that cover specific topics or industries, generating revenue through sponsorships and advertising.

Virtual Event Hosting:
Facilitating and hosting virtual events, webinars, or conferences where discussions and presentations take center stage.

Communication Training:
Providing workshops and training sessions to individuals or businesses on effective communication skills.

Narration Services:
Offering voice-over services for audiobooks, commercials, or other media productions.

Conflict Resolution Consulting:
Assisting individuals or organizations in resolving conflicts and improving communication within teams.

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by deceneu on Sun 12/17/2023 07:02 PM

Speechwriting Services:
Crafting speeches and presentations for individuals who may not have the time or expertise to create impactful content.

Language Translation Services:
Facilitating communication between individuals or businesses by translating written or spoken content.

Interview Coaching:
Helping individuals prepare for job interviews through mock interviews, feedback, and communication strategies.

Storytelling Workshops:
Conducting workshops to teach the art of storytelling for personal or business purposes.

Negotiation Training:
Providing training sessions on negotiation skills for individuals and businesses aiming to improve their deal-making abilities

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by deceneu on Sun 12/17/2023 07:03 PM

Talk Show Hosting:
Hosting a talk show, either on traditional media or online platforms, where discussions and interviews are the main content.

Chatbot Development:
Creating and customizing chatbots for businesses to enhance customer interaction and support.

Debate Coaching:
Offering coaching services to individuals or teams preparing for debates, competitions, or public forums.

Parenting Coaching:
Assisting parents through coaching sessions to address parenting challenges and improve family communication.

Customer Feedback Consulting:
Helping businesses gather and analyse customer feedback to improve products and services through enhanced communication strategies.

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5 businesses that involve just talk in Moldova and Chisinau

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