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Egyptian tempera colors in Moldova Egyptian tempera colors in Moldova

Egyptian tempera colors

by deceneu on Sat 04/01/2023 02:50 PM

Egyptian tempera colors refer to the colors that were commonly used in ancient Egyptian art, specifically in the technique of tempera painting. Tempera is a type of paint made by mixing powdered pigments with a water-soluble binder, such as egg yolk or glue, to create a medium that can be applied to a surface.

The ancient Egyptians used a wide range of colors in their art, many of which were derived from natural materials such as minerals, plants, and animal products. Some of the common colors used in Egyptian tempera painting include:

Red: made from iron oxide or red ochre
Yellow: made from ochre or orpiment (a yellow mineral)
Blue: made from azurite or lapis lazuli
Green: made from malachite or a mixture of yellow and blue pigments
Black: made from charcoal or soot
White: made from chalk or gypsum

These colors were often used in combination to create intricate and colorful compositions. Egyptian artists were skilled at creating subtle variations in color and shading, and their use of color was an important part of their artistic expression.

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Lapis lazuli in Moldova

by deceneu on Sat 04/01/2023 03:11 PM

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue, semi-precious gemstone that has been highly valued for thousands of years. It is a metamorphic rock that is primarily composed of the mineral lazurite, along with other minerals such as calcite, pyrite, and sodalite.

Lapis lazuli has been prized for its intense blue color and has been used in jewelry, decorative objects, and pigment for painting. In ancient times, it was highly valued by the Egyptians, who used it for jewelry, amulets, and in the burial masks of pharaohs. It was also used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for decorative purposes.

In addition to its use in jewelry and decorative objects, lapis lazuli has also been ground into a fine powder and used as a pigment for painting. It was a highly prized pigment in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and was used by artists such as Michelangelo and Vermeer. Today, it is still used by some artists as a pigment for oil painting.

Lapis lazuli is often associated with the throat chakra in spiritual practices, and is said to enhance communication, creativity, and self-expression. It is also believed to have healing properties and to promote mental clarity and spiritual growth.

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Egyptian tempera colors in Moldova

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